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Community Profile

The population of the R.M. of Piney, located in the Southeastern Corner of Manitoba, is approximately 1800.         Socio-economically disadvantaged, average household earnings are $40,000 per year.  33% of residents have less than a grade 9 education, compared to the 15% provincially.  The unemployment rate is 10%.  And housing is valued at only 50% of the provincial average.

Over 20% of area residents are age 65+ compared to 13% provincially.  Nearly 40% of seniors live alone, scattered over a large area; 36% of those living alone are classified as low income.  Many seniors choose to live at risk when health fails, in order to remain in their familiar environment.  Premature mortality rate for the RM of Piney is higher than the provincial rate.

There is an urgent and growing need for support services and types of housing to help seniors remain healthy and live independently in the community.  Research completed by a local grass-roots community health action group in 1997 identified seniors housing as one of the five greatest health needs of residents in the RM of Piney and adjacent communities.  Community health assessments conducted by the RHA in 1998 and 2003 also concluded that seniors housing for the area is high priority.  Provision of adequate, effective, and efficient health services, including home care, is an ongoing challenge for the Regional Health Authority (RHA).  There are no Elderly Persons’ Housing (EPH) units in the area, located under one roof, that could offer service of amenities required by seniors, including security, socialization, and supportive programming.